Hello and welcome!

My name is Stacie and I love creating! I tend to be a bit obsessive about projects or spaces in my house when I get an idea in my head. Brad (my husband) often finds me staring into the closet or at a wall and he has come to learn that this means I'll be changing something again! 

I don't like spending money on things that I feel l can do with a little research and some trial and error! I love the satisfaction of making something myself, and I've realized that making it myself means a custom fit! 

I created this site to document the projects I do around our house. My hope is that my projects and stories will inspire and empower you to do your own projects in your own home!

I love working to improve our home. I think that the repetitiveness of our daily lives - the way we can do the dishes or pick up toys and our work is so quickly needing to be redone - leads us to want to do something more lasting. Something that is still done after dinner! Painting a wall or building a shelf or making something decorative for the wall is so much more satisfying and lasting than folding laundry!

So look around, get inspired, and go make something!

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