Monday, January 11, 2016

Hey, remember me?!

So I know that so many bloggers start out strong and then posts start lagging, but holy cow - my last post was in MAY?!?!

Well, I'm going to try again. Not a Near Year's Resolution, not some sort of personal challenge, just feeling like my feet might be back under me and so I'll give it another go!

My Etsy shop has kept me pretty busy, which is great! It had been basically steady over the summer with a couple of orders a week, then picked up in the fall (which was great timing since the kids BOTH started school :) ) with 4-5 orders a week, and then HOLY MOLY the Christmas orders! I'm so thankful for the success of the shop this fall and I was SWAMPED! I hit 100 sales during that time, which made this whole thing feel more legitimate. THANK YOU to all of my customers and to my friends and family for the support and encouragement. This whole shebang has been a huge test in vulnerability and I wouldn't be able to do it without you all! :) 

So, I'm back and I am excited to share some of the many projects I've been working on while I've been away from the blog. The shop is now up on Instagram and I have posted pictures of orders as well as projects around the house - check it out and if any of them especially interest you, let me know and I'll start there with the new posts! 


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  1. Great to hear about the exciting season!
    Here's to 2016 being a great year.