Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Finally some progress!

Whew, after weeks of stops and starts, I finally made some major headway on the garage today!

When I last posted about the garage, I was as far as painting the soon-to-be-storage area. After that, I started emptying the shelves in the back of the garage in the hopes of reusing as much wood as possible. The progress then grinded to a halt as I found the (very old) remnants of a mouse's dum dum lollypop feast. Oh, gross.

So, shop vac acquired, shelves removed, poop removed, and lollypop sticks disposed of.

Then finally a few shelves built in the old workspace.


I stocked the shelves with what was in my way, just for now.

And then finally, today was a big day of progress.

I removed the shelf supports from the back wall of the garage and was happy to find that the mouse party didn't involve eating into the wall. I painted the back wall - with a much more drab gray than I had intended, but the bright saw tables will help the drabness. :)

I finished the table saw stand. And painted it, of course.

Then I stared at everything a lot. I was trying to decide exactly what I wanted to be able to store where, as far as the workshop space goes. Eventually I figured out that an old Ikea shelf that has been being stored in the garage for 2 and a half years would work perfectly on the back wall! It was in our kitchen before we moved and I just never found the right place for it in this house. I'm so glad I didn't get rid of it!

Once that was up, I needed to do something about all of the paint cans on the floor. I have a (not so) slight "oops section" paint addiction. That's another story for another time, but have you ever played in the oops section at Home Depot?! It's so fun... Anyway, I found our old "C" cabinet that we've been holding onto through 2 houses now and it works great for all my sample size paints. ($.50 each for the "oops" at my Home Depot!) An old shoe shelf worked perfectly for the quarts ($2 for "oops" - I mean, seriously) and for now I just stacked the larger cans. Now I just need to figure something out for my spray paint...

Once all of this was up and out of the way, I was able to put away a lot of the stuff that was hanging out in the middle of the garage. So proud of this progress today! I can actually get to everything I need to be able to build stuff and we're so close to having space to get the cars back in!

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