Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Save your corks!

I have a strict rule about decorating for Christmas - we absolutely must wait until after Thanksgiving. Granted, we break open the storage boxes first thing Friday morning, but still...

Of course, there need to be exceptions to the rules... and creating Christmas crafts is sometimes one of those exceptions. Crafting can take time and if we want to use the crafts as decorations or gifts, well, we have to start early! :)

One of my favorite crafts from last year was this wine cork wreath.

I made it as a last-minute hostess gift for a Christmas party I was heading to, and I loved it so much I had to make another for myself!

We tend to save our corks thinking that someday we'll do something fun with them - I certainly went through quite a few making these wreaths!

But, now it's another year later, we have amassed a lot more corks (ahem), and I started making wreaths tonight!

If you want to make your own, here's how I did it!

I picked up these simple wreath forms at Michaels. I hit up the artificial flowers section to find the berries and grabbed some ribbon on my way out.

I grabbed some corks, my hot glue gun, and I was off!

I try to use corks that are about the same length and try to vary wineries as I go around (which sounds easier than it is - we drink the same wine over and over! Time to branch out!)

I attached some ribbon, faked my way through some bow tying, and voilĂ !

So many color combination possibilities! (I'm planning to make one with white berries and red ribbon next!) And it would be especially nice to collect corks from special occasions over the year to use for the wreath!

Then again, sometimes it's also nice to just do something and be done and not worry too much about making it as special as possible - good enough is good enough!

Have fun! And if you want a wreath like this but don't want to make your own, let me know! I now have a couple of extras - maybe we can work out a deal! ;)

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