Friday, December 12, 2014

Feature Friday - Woven Angels

It's Feature Friday again!

Today I'm featuring the lovely and talented Janet, a.k.a. The Basket Fairy!

Her weaving skills are so impressive and she has made many baskets for friends and family (including me! YAY!) and has been known to show up in markets and craft fairs with her lovely baskets for sale! She's so talented - I mean LOOK at these baskets!


If you're interested in trying your hand at weaving baskets, Janet says the baskets are made from reed, which she dyes by hand, then figures out dimensions and patterns. She gets her materials and patterns online. Good resources are V.I. Reed and Cane and

She sticks mostly to crafting for pleasure these days and was kind enough to share her super adorable woven angels with us for today, just in time for Christmas crafting!  (and she even made my job super easy by creating images with each step right there for me! ha!)

Check out these sweet angels!

Ohmygoodness, so cute! Don't you love them?!

Thanks for letting me feature your great work, Janet! Love you!

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