Friday, December 5, 2014

Felt Christmas Tree

Did you know that felt sticks to felt?!

I learned this little tidbit only about 4 years ago and decided to test it out by making this Christmas tree for my girls to play with during the Christmas season. We have used it each year since and it still works great!

To do it, I just bought a large piece of felt from Joanns, folded it in half (because symmetry is unnaturally important to me!) and cut out a Christmas tree shape.

Next, I cut out random ornament shapes from different colored felt and decorated them with different glitter glues and acrylic paints. I pinned a brown paper lunch bag (after folding a cuff to make it more stable) to the bottom to look like a tree trunk. This gives the kids a place to store the ornaments they're not using!

They love decorating and redecorating the tree throughout the month and it was actually my 7 year old that was most excited to put it back up this year!

Tip: I figured out this year that the ornaments stick better if the tree shape isn't pulled super tight.

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