Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas Card Frame

Well, HI!

It feels like it's been so long - I've been working on a lot of fun little (and big) projects, but they're for Christmas gifts, so I haven't been able to blog about them yet! But I just finished a fun Christmas Card Frame hanger thingy that I just have to show you!

This Christmas card frame is made with just 1x2s and chicken wire! I spent less than $10 on the whole thing and still have half of the chicken wire left for another project!

I started by cutting the 1x2s to make a 2' by 4' frame. Since the 1x2s are actually only about 1.5" wide, I cut the short sides to 21' long.

I used my new corner clamp to hold the pieces in place and then drilled and screws the pieces together right through from the outside edge. I considered using pocket holes or making mitered corners for a cleaner finish, but decided to just keep this fast and easy and drilled right through! Sometimes done is better than perfect!

Once I had all four corners glued and screwed, I used wood filler to cover the screws and fill the cracks between the pieces. Because I used the super cheap, unfinished 1x2s, the edges are a little rounded, so the wood filler makes for a more smooth joint.

Once that dried, I sanded the whole thing and then painted it with a little sample size color I picked up a while ago in the oops section at Home Depot - for fifty cents!!! I love the oops section.

And ohmygoodness that color! I need to find a whole lot more things to paint with this because I think I'm in LOVE!

Once that was dry, I cut the chicken wire to length (it was already 2' wide, so I was set that way - that's actually why I decided to make my frame 2' wide... keeping it simple!) and used my heavy-duty stapler to connect the wire around the backside of the frame, doing my best to keep it straight and even along the way.

The cut edges of the chicken wire left a lot of sharp wires and I would surely end up cutting my hands (and scraping the wall!) so I decided to use hot glue to attach strips of felt to cover the edges.

Then all that was left was to decorate it a bit - I used some leftover ribbon to make a hot glue bow, similar to the ones I made on my cork wreaths.

To hang it on the wall, I just used two nails and slipped the frame over them. Easy, sturdy, and won't leave a big mark after Christmas!

I can't wait to see this with cheery Christmas cards attached!

What do you do to display your Christmas cards? Maybe you can build one of these! (or I could make one for you!)

Happy creating!

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