Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Cube End Table

It's hard to believe that, with all of the furniture and accessories I've bought at Ikea over the years, this is my first "Ikea Hack." And it's made from Lack tables - so I get to call it a "Lack Hack" ... and that's just fun.

Lack Hack.

 ... Sometimes it's the small things that amuse me.

Anyway, I saw versions of this table one day when I was looking around on Pinterest. Apparently it's a hack of a West Elm table that they used to sell for $150!

I love the modern look of the table and I like the way it works in our living room.

And it was so easy!

I only needed:
   2 Ikea Lack tables
   A little bit of Liquid Nails glue
   15 minutes
   A little bit of patience

Want to make one too? Here's all I did:

1. Unpack the Lack tables and assemble one of them according to the quintessential wordless directions.

2. Lay the other table top on the ground so that the colored side is facing up.

3. Flip the assembled table and apply some Liquid Nails. It's probably best if you apply it in fun patterns, obviously.

4. Carefully flip the table and position squarely on the other table top. Don't worry about getting it perfect right away. The benefit of the Liquid Nails over super glue is that it doesn't adhere immediately. You can slide the legs around a bit to get them in the right places and then just wipe up the excess glue within 20 minutes.

5. Apply some weight on the table to keep the legs in place while the glue sets.

That's it! And now I have 4 more pretty table legs to do something with. I love this color and am excited to find something fun do do with the legs! Any ideas? 

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