Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fun with Spray Paint - Porch Chairs

I really love spray paint. So much.

I'm actually a little obsessed with spray paint. It offers such an easy way to transform the look of objects - spray paint gives me pretty immediate gratification with no brushes to clean!

For example -

My friend gave me these chairs when she renovated her screened porch. Perfect for our front porch, but they were a dark green, which didn't really go, and they needed a little facelift. So, 4 cans of Rustoleum Satin Paprika later, I had this:

It adhered really well to the plastic. I didn't use a primer, though perhaps if I had, it could have taken less than 4 cans to cover.

I loved it, but a few months later, I decided to paint our front door purple and these chairs didn't look so nice next to that.  Back to Home Depot - time for more spray paint!

This time I chose Aubergine (which happens to be one of my favorite French words - it means eggplant. ;) ).  I got away with just 3 cans this time and I love, love, love the result!

Don't you love it?!

I'll share more spray painting projects soon! I've used it on all sorts of things around our house!

What have you done with spray paint? Tell me about your fun projects in the comments!

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