Saturday, October 11, 2014

Range hood


I already showed you the fun transformations I made on the porch chairs - now here's another!

When we first bought this house, redoing the kitchen was high on our to-do list! However, buying a house was a huge stretch for us and a full kitchen reno was out of the question. Instead, we replaced the cabinets and counters and then have stepped through small changes here and there.

And then the stove died. 6 months after we moved in. Four days before Thanksgiving. Good times.  The appliance salesman tried to sell us a matching hood to go with the new range, but we couldn't fork over the money to replace something that was working fine just to have it match. Instead, I decided to spend about $7 and try some "titanium silver" spray paint. I wasn't sure if it would work, but it wasn't going to be worse, so I took down the hood, washed it and taped over the button panel, headed to the yard (Brad just LOVES when I spray paint in the grass... where is the sarcasm font?), and gave it a try. I loved how it worked! Woo-hoo for saving $100+ dollars!


Maybe I should try it on the dishwasher... hmm. Have any of you ever tried that?

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