Thursday, October 2, 2014

Whale Painting - Kids Craft!

We spent a wonderful few days in Maine this summer with Brad's parents - what a beautiful place!
As a gift and special souvenir, one of Brad's parents' friends made the girls solid wood whales! He left them unfinished so that the girls could paint them themselves. It was such a special gift and the girls have been looking forward to painting them. What kid doesn't love a chance to paint?!

We finally started them today and had lots of fun! The kids love to create too!

I painted a base coat of light blue acrylic wall paint to seal the wood and because experience has shown me that they tend to jump right into cool designs and so would end up leaving some bare wood, which they said they didn't actually want. Plus, I wanted to play too! ;) 

Once again, I forgot to take "before" pictures, but at least I remembered before both sides were painted! 

I cut some small wood blocks to prop the whales up so that the girls could paint the edges without making them stick to the paper. Otherwise just some papers from the recycle bin and a paper plate for the paints - nothing fancy needed here!

As tempting as it is sometimes to offer advice or ideas, I generally try to stay out of their way once I put crafty stuff in front of them. Both girls decided to mostly stick to blues on the first side of the whales. 

Proof - I wasn't lying about the dirty dishes in the sink, ha! Keeping it real, here... 

Pretty! They say the other side is going to be more varied - can't wait to see what they decide to do!

They finished the other sides - 

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